Hisham Hatata

About Dr. Hisham Hatata

Professor of Neuropsychiatry

Faculty of Medicine – Ain Shams University
MD Psychiatry Ain Shams University
MS Neuropsychiatry
APA Membership
(DPP London University)

Our Services and Departments

01 Adult psychiatry

02 Child psychiatry

03 Adolescent psychiatry

04 Addiction psychiatry

His office Videos Prof. Dr. Hisham Hatata

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Mohamed Khairi


Mohamed Hassan


Fatma Arafa

Psychologist, PhD researcher

Engy Ahmed

Professional Diploma in Speaking

Sara Sayed Saber

Clinical Psychologist

Hisham Shaker


Aya Arafa Emam

Clinical Psychologist - Researcher

Amina Mohamed


Mohammed Hamdy

Psychologist & Clinic Manager

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